Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Finally, A Hike in the Desert

Monday, we joined Ron and Barbara for a hike in the Coon Ridge Recreation Area, north of Mesa. Here are John, Barbara and Ron as we were ready to head out from the parking lot.

I love saguaros and could take pictures of them all day long, especially since this is our first time to be out among them since returning to Arizona in early October. The desert around Coon Ridge is beautiful.

We had some good views of the Salt River (we think) that runs through the area.

One parking lot was full of horse trailers and we saw two riders coming toward us on the trail.

There was a great grove of mesquite trees by our parking lot. It almost looked like it had been planted as an orchard.

We had a nice hike. But one of the reasons we came to this area was to see the wild horses that live nearby. We have never seen wild horses except in Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Apparently, the horses are easiest to find at dawn and dusk. Because of the recent cold weather here, we didn't even pick up Ron and Barbara until 10 am, way after dawn. Needless to say, we didn't see the horses. However, a friend of a friend of Barbara's did see the horses and took some pictures. They were obviously near the river in the mesquite grove. Thanks, whoever took this photo. We really have to go back to see them ourselves.

One more photo, this one from dusk on Christmas Eve. Look at this sunset!

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