Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's Taking Shape

They have been working almost every week day on our construction project and we now have a really good idea of what it looks like.

The framer crew chief kidded around as I took his picture. Do you suppose he really could hold up the frame?

After they had the walls built, the roof trusses were delivered and installed, then fiber board put down for the roof.

The roofer was here the last two days, putting down several layers of roofing. The second photo shows you what the finished roof looks like.

At this point, the ducts for the heat and air conditioning are in, the lights and electrical outlets are installed. There will be an inspection by the county, then drywall, insulation and stucco will be completed. We are please with how fast they are working now.

We had impatiently waited for months for this construction to begin. The resort owners insisted construction in this part of Superstition Views not begin until after Easter. There are still four model homes on this street. After seeing how crowded the street is while there are working, we can see why we had to wait.

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