Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Bursting Out All Over

I can't really say we ever really have winter here in the Valley of the Sun, but now spring is bursting out all over. If we were up north, we would see crocus and flowering apple and plum trees. Here, the colors are red, white and yellow.

Well-watered ocotillo have lots of red flowers.

Easter is coming on Sunday and the white Easter lily cactus blooms are spectacular this year. The blooms each only last about 24 hours.

We have never seen so many yellow blossoms on the palo verde trees. Our park and the nearby desert and beautiful.

You really know it is spring when the local water fowl start parading their young around. Did I say water fowl? Yes, though I have no idea where nearby water can be found, except in a pond across busy U S 60 or in the resort next door, where there are golf courses. The nine (I think) baby ducklings were so cute. I spotted them by our tennis court when I headed out for my morning walk.


  1. I just got back yesterday and the first thing I noticed was the blooming palo verde trees. I don't remember them ever looking like this.

  2. Great blooming shots,the cactus flowers are outstanding and hold for a while till they go away.