Friday, March 05, 2010

What a Mess!

Today we drove to Mesa to meet friends for lunch. Earlier in the day, just about dawn, a tour bus was involved in an accident on I-10, south of Phoenix. It was a really serious accident, with six people dead and several in serious to critical condition as of the evening news. We were glad we didn't have to drive up I-10 to get to the restaurant.

As we drove north we experienced heavier traffic than normal on Hwy 87. Eventually, we were caught in a 1/4 mile or longer stream of traffic just crawling toward a stop-light. We wondered why so many 18-wheelers were in the left-hand lane as we approached the light. Finally it dawned on us when we saw a detour sign. I-10 must still be closed and these were the trucks that had been forced to leave the interstate and make a long detour through Chandler to get back on the highway. And this was about 11:30 am.

We had a delightful lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ with Jim and Jeri, a couple we worked with at 7th Ranch RV Camp in Montana last summer. Their home base is Arizona and we finally connected for a visit. We had a great time talking about our lives since then and our plans for the future. Of course, I forgot to take their picture, but here is one I took last September.

We finally said goodbye about 2:30 or later. To our amazement, the traffic was still heavy. The Chandler police were still directing traffic at three intersections, trying to keep the detoured trucks and cars moving as smoothly as possible. We must have driven by a 4/10 of a mile back-up where the vehicles were turning back toward I-10. Hwy 87 was a mess. We were so glad we were not in the stream that had to make the entire detour. We learned at 6 pm that--finally--one lane of the west-bound road had just reopened.

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  1. Some accidents are dreadful and close the highway for many hours. The Southern Branch of the TransCanada Highway passes through the largest town near here. It is only a two lane highway. It has been closed for 12 or more hours quite often requiring a very long detour for transport trucks. North of Lake Superior winter snowstorms often close it each Winter.
    All you can do is relax and wait.

    My son and his family will be visiting his mother in Tucson during the Easter school break. I know a little about Arizona, not nearly as much as I would like though.