Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Thursday we met our friends Marcia and Bob at BeDillon's Restaurant in Casa Grande, a city about 20 miles from where we are staying in Coolidge. Marcia and Bob are spending the winter in Gold Canyon, a community east of Phoenix. We got to know them when we all were attending the Church of the Transfiguration in Evergreen, Colorado. They still live in that community. From Christmas letters we knew all of us were spending the winter in Arizona. It was so good to spend some time with them.

BeDillon's is located in an old house off the beaten path in Casa Grande. They serve Mexican themed dishes like Mexican lasagna and fish tacos, as well as American standards like French dip sandwiches. We enjoyed our meal, and even more the three hours we spent talking.

The restaurant has a patio and cactus garden. It is wonderful.

Even more amazing is a small museum. Really, I think someone cleaned out the barn by putting items in old display cases where the public could see them.

These gourds hang at the entrance to the museum.

These are very old stone tools, including arrow straighteners.

Is this an espresso machine made of copper?

Aren't these baskets and small items woven of horse hair pretty?

These are hand-made carpenter's tools. John's grandfather made his own tools and they looked like these.

Someone collected campaign buttons. The only ones I recognized were from the 1960 presidential campaign between Barry Goldwater (of Arizona) and John F. Kennedy.

These are identified as Hohokam game balls. We know they played ballgames in the Hohokam villages, so that may be a correct description.

We are so glad Marcia and Bob introduced us to this delightful place.

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  1. That is really an eclectic museum. I wonder if they are really Hohokam game balls. That would be quite a find.