Friday, July 18, 2014

Visiting Family

Thursday, we drove to Fort Wayne to visit my cousin Mary. Our fathers were brothers, but I think this is only the fourth time we have seen each other. We met for lunch at Ziano's near their home.

Since Mary and her husband Wendel live in Indiana, this is the second time we have come to the state because of our RV and been able to get together. While we were talking about our family, Mary told me she remembers when I was born. She was walking with our grandfather when he told her there had been a birth in the family. When she learned that her Uncle Ray had a new daughter, she asked him what they called me. "Carol," he said. This is only a short story, but it really touched my heart.  It is neat to know family members who lived half-way across the country were talking about me in 1943, shortly after I was born.  I'm glad she shared the story with me.

We had a good visit over lunch. Hopefully, we will come here again with our RV and be able to get together with them.


  1. Great story, where will you guys be in September?

    1. We will be in the Denver area, staying at two different state parks there.