Monday, July 14, 2014

Still Waiting

Today we have our long-awaited appointment at the DRV Mobile Suites factory in Howe, IN, to have some repairs done. We spent last night in their parking lot.

The sun wasn't even above the horizon when we had the RV slides in, ready for the tech to take it into the shop at 6 am.

While we waited for today, we visited the Wellfield Botanical Gardens in Elkhart Saturday. The gardens were a delight to see and walk through. Water was a major feature throughout the gardens.

I love Adirondack chairs and they had placed them in several places where you could sit and enjoy the flowers.

We saw several different gazebos.

Numerous different flowers in oranges and yellows were blooming.

And also many in pink and purple.

Sculptures had been placed throughout the gardens.

There are elk sculptures in many places in Elkhart, including three at the gardens.

Wellfield Gardens were established 10 years ago and are built and maintained entirely with donations and volunteer labor. No tax dollars are involved. The gardens are located over the largest operating water wellfield in Elkhart, one of three owned by the city. The gardens are being expanded and we saw some of the construction areas.

There is texture and patterns everywhere, from the paved walkways

to the foliage.

We enjoyed our visit. We went there to get some exercise, but we were so busy taking photos, we didn't have time to walk very fast.

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  1. Gorgeous gardens. I need to go to one soon. I didn't know they had elk in Indiana. Oh, I get it - Elkhart!