Sunday, July 20, 2014


We enjoyed our time in Shipshewana. But it was time to leave. We had to get away from all the good food--many, many kinds of cheese, lots of different sausages, specialty breads, kettle corn and fried pies. We will need to diet for a month to make up for our time in northern Indiana.

As we walked around the Shipshewana South Campground, we enjoyed horses in the fields on both sides of the campground.

There was a Crossroads RV Rally in the campground over the weekend. They seemed to have a good time and they had several presentations that sounded really interesting. If we had tried, we could have heard the presentations because the covered picnic area was right next door. We had already been to an RV rally this summer, however, so we weren't interested in eavesdropping.

We saw horses in the campground twice. A local Amish caterer served breakfast and dinner  to the rally participants yesterday.

Yes, that is our truck we are looking across to see the horses and buggies. You can see the pavilion on the right side of the photo. We really didn't mind having the rally events so close to our site. Even when they used a microphone, it wasn't very loud. And each evening we overlooked the community fire pit, but the gatherings were quiet and broke up by about 10 pm.

We did have one issue with the group, however. Those RV owners were incredibly rude and lazy and unaware of campground etiquette. Some walked through our site several times. If you look at the above photo, you will see a motor home right across the street. The majority of the Crossroads owners walked through that campsite to get to the gatherings, even when neighboring site was empty. Doesn't anyone have the energy or consideration to walk down one road, around the corner and back up the next road?

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  1. Cute horses. It looks like the tails are cut on the Draft horses. Seems mean. How do they chase the flies?