Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swap Meet or Flea Market?

Flea market, swap meet. Are they the same thing? I always thought so. I thought they were like garage or yard sales on steroids. But after spending several winters in Texas and Arizona, I have decided that swap meets are just a large setting for shopping mall kiosk sales, small commercial spaces for new and/or popular items. This week we attended a flea market that truly was like garage and yard sales. Where do you think we are?

That's right. Wisconsin, home of the cheeseheads, Green Bay Packers fans. And we weren't in a dusty field or open building. We were in a forest.

What is big in Wisconsin? Fishing. These are antique trolling motors.

Lots of fishing poles. And most of them don't look like fly rods.

There were even fishing pool covers.

Look at these fishing lures.

You would only find birch bark baskets in the north woods.

There were lots of old and antique snow shoes and skis.

Old wooden boxes

Fun signs

Beautiful flower arrangements

The usual cute dogs

Of course, there were some commercial booths--or people whose collections have gotten out of control.

After sauntering along for an hour or two in the flea market, we escaped the crowds and walked a couple of miles on a beautiful hike/bike trail in St. Germain.

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  1. A flea market in the woods, only in Wisconsin. Love the birch baskets.