Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wind and Falling Shades

The wind is blowing. And blowing. And blowing. We are in Las Cruces, NM, and the wind has been blowing every afternoon. We planned to stay only two days--Thursday and Friday--but by the time we arrived, winds were predicted for Saturday so we paid for Saturday night, as well. Yesterday, the forecast was for winds on Sunday, so we paid to spend tonight here, also. And now, the wind is supposed to blow Monday, tomorrow, so we will probably go in tomorrow morning and sign up for one more night. In ways, it has been good to sit for this long. John had some stomach bug while we were in Willcox, and it came back after we got here. We have reservations in Junction, TX, Wednesday, but even that can be changed it the wind continues.

Then, last night, when I was pulling down the shades in the RV, the Deluxe Day-Night Roller Shade on the window by our dining room table fell. It didn't just come unrolled. It fell out of the window with a bang. Since there are two shades--one a sun screen and one a black-out shade--on separate rollers, the shade is heavy and made a loud noise. I'm just glad it didn't fall while I was asleep.

When we examined it this morning, John found that the bracket had broken on one end. We drove to the Camping World in Anthony, Texas, about 24 miles from here, today, but they don't have the part. So, tomorrow we will try the Mobile Suites factory.

As I wrote last week, the foot fell off our front landing gear as we drove here from Arizona.  We contacted the factory about that issue, too.  As a temporary measure, they recommended we get a strong 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 board to put under the front leg.  We tried a 2 x 10.  It didn't work all that well. The RV is too heavy for that.

We are really glad we carry weight with us for our semi-regular workouts. We found a 10 pound weight fits right under the front leg and spreads the weight across the orange plastic leveling blocks. Hope it continues to work till be meet up with the part that is being sent to us in Junction, Texas, where we will spend a couple of days later this week.

At least the broken bracket doesn't affect traveling with the RV or parking it. We can live without the shade for a while.


  1. I hope you enjoy your stay in Junction. My favorite campground is South Llano State Park. I'll be there in June, I hope. Take care and enjoy your travels.

  2. When I passed through Junction several years ago, there was nice free boondocking overlooking the river. But I know you don't care. :-)