Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pecans and Dairy

Driving east to and through El Paso, Texas, the first big impression is that the area grows lots of pecans. Just look at these lush orchards.

But there is even more emphasis on dairy cattle. There are miles of dairy farms along I-10 as you drive from the west side toward El Paso. I thought Wisconsin and California had the corner on the milk and cheese market, but maybe not. I'm not sure these photos will really show you the extent of the diary farms.

We also saw several trucks loaded with feed for the cows.

As we drove into town, we passed a very colorful outlet mall.

We think these houses are in Mexico, just to the south of I-10.

There is obviously a lot of oil refining in the El Paso area.

We continued east to the town of Balmorhea, TX, where we stopped at Saddle Mountain RV, a Passport America park right along I-10. The landscaping is very attractive, the electric hook-up good, and the Verizon internet signal very adequate.


  1. I 10 is a very long drive...safe travels!!!

    1. At least the scenery is getting better, now that we are in Hill Country.