Sunday, April 06, 2014


We're getting hitch-itch. No, really we already have hitch-itch. It is time to get on the road again. Since May 1 last year, we have spent just over four months at Mueller State Park in Colorado and we will have been here at Valle del Oro in Arizona for six months when we leave the 22nd. That isn't enough travel for folks who choose to have wheels under our house.

We are looking forward to spending Holy Week and Easter here and participating in the worship at Epiphany Episcopal Church in Tempe. John will be celebrating, preaching or assisting at several services that week and I will be one of the readers of the Passion Narrative on Palm Sunday.

But, then we will be back on the road again. We will make our way east to a Mobile Suites rally in Tennessee in June, then do genealogy research in Ohio and have some minor repairs done on our RV at the factory in Indiana during the first part of July. This schedule will give us lots of time to explore along the way. When we leave the factory, we plan to head north through Michigan and then west through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota before going south through Wyoming to Colorado, where we will spend September. Several years ago, we made a whirlwind trip through those northern states and this time we want to do more leisurely exploring.

From mid-March on, snowbirds have been escaping their winter haunts in Arizona (and other southern locations, I am sure) to return to their homes up north. In one way, we are enjoying the quiet here at our resort. There is less traffic--by car, golf cart or bike--that we have experienced since Christmas. Lots of sites are empty and park models are buttoned up for the summer. We have better views out our front window. The first couple of times we spent time in an Arizona resort in spring or fall, I made note that we liked the parks because they were largely deserted. And now, we have become part of that community and it is sad, in a way, to see the community break up for the summer.


  1. Hitch itch is setting in here too. We have 2 more weeks, then we head for Maine.

  2. we just got home about 3 hours ago! safe travels