Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Adventure, Maybe?

It's been quite a day. About 2 am today, we woke up to a "chirp"....."chirp"....."chirp". What is that? Not good, it's the LPCO detector. Do we have a propane leak? Where is the booklet on that alarm? After I found it and read the pertinent sections, we learned it was a fault alarm, not a leak alarm, which would be "chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp." After pushing the reset button, it turned off. Until 3:58 am, to be exact. I closed the sliding door between the bedroom and the alarm and we slept till 6.

Thank heavens for cell phones. How many of you were on the road before we had these wonderful devices?  After we woke up and had our coffee, I wanted to call the manufacturer of the detection device.  Years ago, we would have had to stay in one place long enough for me to find a pay phone, call the manufacturer of the device, wait on hold for 5 minutes or so, to learn the name of a business at our destination--Las Cruces, NM--that services Atwood products. Later in the morning, we would have had to pull over at another pay phone and call that business, only to learn they don't deal with COLP alarms. They referred me to an RV supply business in Las Cruces. It would have taken another stop at a pay phone to call the factory where our RV was built to learn how to disable the chirping detector. Since it is only warning of a fault in the device, not a gas leak, we wanted to at least get silence tonight. The service supervisor called back and said there is a fuse that can be pulled to give us silence tonight.

At one point during our drive east in I-10, I heard a clink and looked to see something rolling off to the median from the vicinity of our RV. I didn't think of it again. A little later, a small red car pulled up and I though they were going to pass. Instead, they honked. When I looked (I was driving), they pointed down and toward the RV. I quickly pulled off on the right shoulder. John walked around the RV and truck and finally noticed that the sewer hose, which is stored in a tube attached to the bottom of the trailer, was trailing out on the ground! He put it back in the tube and re-secured the cover.

We pulled in an RV park in Las Cruces. As I prepared to use the automatic level-up system, I looked at the driver side front leveling leg. Something didn't look right.  When lowered, this is what the leg should look like.

Instead, this is what I saw.

Notice this is no foot or landing plate on the bottom of the leg. That must have been what I heard go "clink" as I drove down the road. (Do you suppose that is what opened the cover so the sewer hose could spill out?)

More phone calls ensured--to a local mobile RV repairman, a local RV dealer, and an RV parts and supply business. Oh, yes, and to the factory, to the same service supervisor I had talked to earlier today. He suggested I call someone local, since our level-up system is available on many RVs. Since I already knew no one here had them, he suggested I call his parts department and have one sent under our warranty. Hopefully, that will happen.

To make a long story a little shorter, two people we called suggested we put a 2 X 4 under the leg to support it. We don't have any of those, so we turned the orange leveling blocks upside down so the screw at the bottom fit in one of the holes. We are good for now.

Not the smoothest day for our second day on the road after sitting still for six months. But, everything is good for now. It took nine cell phone conversations and some thinking, but we are set up and happy.  And we are so grateful for our cell phone and advice from the factory.


  1. Never had the sewer hose drag on the ground but weirdly enough I lost the foot off my landing gear the first time I drove the trailer. I blamed it on the dealer and they sent me another one. All I could think about was what would have happened if I ran over it.

  2. While it may not be the smoothest day at least in the big scheme of things they were small things

  3. Quite a day you had! Let's hope the rest of your adventures will be good ones.

  4. wishing you Safe Travels and no misfortunes!