Thursday, April 10, 2014

Boy, Is it Hot Out There!

As I write this blog, the temperature in Mesa is 95 degrees. That is way too hot for us! I guess our neighbors knew something we didn't. For the past six months, all these sites on the east or front door side of our RV have been full. Now, everyone is gone. Was it something we did?

We learned that 100 RVs left on April 1. Two days ago, I was told 21 were leaving that day. And many of the park models are empty for the summer, as well. It's beginning to look like a ghost town around here.

It's beginning to look like a ghost town around here. If it weren't so hot, we would enjoy walking on the nearly empty streets. Actually, we do enjoy it, but early in the day or after it starts to cool down in the evening.

Last week, before it turned so hot, we went for a hike on the hieroglyphic trail. We passed through some green areas, cool with all the vegetation.

There was one small pool of water in the rocks near all the petroglyphs.

If you want to see all the writing on the stone walls, check out my blog from November 2011.

Because of the early heat wave, we are seeing lots of blooming cactus. Look at the flowers and the many buds on this plant.

This is what the blooms look like up close.


  1. That's a little higher than it should be at this time, isn't it?
    Kind of nice that you have the place to yourselves for a bit!

  2. On April 1st as we were driving home we seen a LOT of MInn and Wis plates heading north, bet some were from your resort!

  3. We are leaving on Monday. You're right, it's just too hot.