Sunday, May 01, 2022

The Next Chapter

 One of the first places we went after going to our summer home in Lone Tree, Colorado, was to Castle Rock where Olinger Andrews Caldwell Gibson Funeral Home was celebrating the opening of their new facility.  

There's a lot of back story here.  In 1938 John's parents bought a funeral home in Castle Rock, naming it Andrews Funeral Home.  In 1975 we bought the funeral home, owning and managing it until 1984.  We raised our two boys there until we sold it in to the Caldwells.  Last August we were invited by JR to tour the building before they tore it down.  John's sister Cindy and our son Eric and wife Liz joined us that day.

Now that the new building is complete, we were glad to visit.  This is the main chapel area. 

Chris is the new manager and he cut the ribbon for the celebration, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

He talked a little about the history of the building and the business.

Here is the front and side of the building.

We live in an apartment at Camden Lincoln Station during the summer.  It  is in Lone Tree, a community located about a mile from the home we lived in here and that has been rented out 13 years ago.
There is an exercise room here, like we have and use in Superstition Views, our winter home in Gold Canyon, AZ.

This is the pool.

And one of the courtyards.

This small patio offers space to sit outside and a place for John to do his carving.

Notice the sign John made for out entry way.

The apartment is only slightly smaller than our Arizona home.  

And we have our own washer and dryer.

Colorado is especially beautiful at this time of year.  There is still snow on the higher mountain ranges but we don't have to worry about it.

The apple and crabapple and plum trees are blooming.  Love it!

Yesterday, we attended our grandson John's swim meet.

And were able to spend time with our daughter-in-law Liz and son Eric.  (Eric was taking pictures of John when I took this photo.

We plan to spend six months here so I will be sharing much more about our summer home.

Please be patient!  I can’t seem to get the new blog to work.

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