Friday, March 18, 2022

Fun on the Lake

Tuesday we joined 28 of our neighbors for a boat ride on Canyon Lake.  The lake was formed on the Salt River by the Mormon Flat Dam, completed in 1925.

In arid Arizona, people flock to water.  This shows part of the marina on the lake.

Our group had rented three of these pontoon boats for the trip.

Lou was our driver most of the trip.  The rest of us enjoyed the scenery and lots of time to talk.

We saw some wildlife--several big horn sheep.  Trust me, that is what that while figure is on the top of the rock.  

On our boat, we kept the canopy up so part of our group--including John and me--were sitting in the shade.  Here you see another part of our crew with their canopy down.

These folks are also part of our group. I got photos of only part of the group.  I don't want to leave anyone out, so I won't start listing names. 

We enjoyed the scenery surrounding the lake.

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