Friday, January 07, 2022


We all know what leftovers are.  You prepare a meal, serve it and then gather up and store what isn't eaten.  Annually, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I roast a turkey or turkey breast so we will have leftovers for turkey sandwiches.  I do this even when we aren't having any guests for the holiday meal or are going somewhere else to celebrate.  The leftovers are so important.

The same thing happens when John is making boxes, using the scroll saw.  He starts by gluing together several layers of wood--in this case two layers of one wood, then two thinner layers of wood on the top and bottom.  

Then, using the scroll saw, he cuts out the center of the box.  This photo was taken after the bottom of the box had been attached.

He then glues on a bottom layer and makes a lid.  

Recently, he realized that the center wood he had removed could be used to make more boxes, just smaller ones.  Here are the first two boxes the original block.  

Here are all six boxes, all made from the same block of wood!

John hates to throw anything away.  You should see all the scraps of wood we have in the shop.  He even makes boxes to hold all the scraps from box-making!  

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