Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alaska -- Day 45

Who goes to Alaska and spends a day cleaning and working on the computer? That's what we did today. This is our home and sometimes we need to take care of it. When we were recreational RVers, we would start a trip like this with a newly cleaned trailer, inside and out. We were getting away for a while, so we didn't want to do ordinary, every day activities if we didn't have to.

Today we live in our RV and we didn't start the trip with everything cleaned up. Because we drove through lots of dust the past couple of days, we needed to vacuum and mop the floor. Then John started cleaning the ceiling fan and tops of some cupboards. We are in much better shape, now. And you know what? It feels good to do normal, every-day tasks.

Because of the cost of using our broadband internet card in Canada, we have been depending on free wi-fi in RV parks. Since we haven't had a secure connection, I haven't been monitoring or updating our finances. I keep all our financial accounts in Quicken and update them online. Almost all of our bills are paid automatically, on line. Since we are now back on US territory, we can use the broadband card again, and I have had lots of work to catch up on.

It started raining sometime during the night and kept it up till about noon. When it stopped, we walked around the campground for a while, then drove into town (all of 3 or 4 blocks) for fuel and to do some shopping.

Since leaving Santa Ana NWR in Alamo, TX, on May 1, we had driven 6,203 miles when we crossed into Alaska. I wonder how many more miles we will put on before we get back to Colorado, and then Arizona, in September and October. We plan to take the Alaska Marine Ferry from Haines, AK, to Bellingham, WA, in August, so we won't drive nearly as many miles on our return trip.

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