Monday, September 27, 2010

It's a Winner!

In late August we rode a photographers special train trip of the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad. At that time I blogged about the trip and about the photographers. There were many professional and semi-professional photographers on the trip. Everyone was invited to submit photos for a contest. Twenty winners would receive annual passes on the railroad for the 2011 season and their photos will be used for railroad promotion.

Many of the photographers had very large and sophisticated cameras.

John was using a small 10 megapixel camera.

We submitted 11 of the photos we took to the contest and last week we learned that one of John's had been named a winner! He still finds it surprising. The camera is so small, he tends to think of it as a toy. But it really takes great photos.

This is his winning picture.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear him giggle every time he takes a photo for weeks to come. He has been doing that often since we learned he won. And you know I will be blogging about a lot of train trips next year.

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  1. That is just soooo cool and what a GREAT picture! Congratulations and he deserves every giggle.