Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Campground Entertainment

Sometimes the best entertainment on the road is provided by other RVers. Sunday we drove from Patagonia Lake State Park to Willcox, AZ, where we spent two nights at Lifestyle RV. A couple of hours after we arrived, a Class C motorhome tried to pull into the site next to us. The driver had a hard time getting into the site and on his third attempt he created quite a fountain.

His front tire must have hit the water hook-up. As quickly as possible he backed up. The Sunday on-site contact for the park quickly drove somewhere and turned off the water in the park. Were we ever glad we had filled our fresh water tank! We had been told the water would be turned off on Monday for some repairs.

Soon someone came to repair the damage. Here he thought he had it repaired and was waiting for the water to be turned back on.

Obviously, it wasn't fixed.

Watching other people from the campground acting as sidewalk superintendents was also most as entertaining as seeing the fountain.

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  1. As we always say, "Come early, see the show - come late, be the show."