Thursday, July 24, 2008


Back in May we were somewhat impressed with The Mother That Wouldn't Give Up," the mouse that kept rebuilding her nest in our storage shed. The only real trouble that caused was to make us rearrange what we stored in the shed and what we stored in the RV basement. (See Blog entry for May 11.)

This week we are downright mad at the mice that have found their way into our trailer. Tuesday I opened the drawer where I keep measuring cups, spatulas and other cooking equipment and found mouse droppings! We have been through this in the past and it isn't any fun. It means washing with Clorox water everything they might have touched, then finding somewhere else to store everything they have access to. That means silverware, cooking implements, plastic storage bags, pots and pans, oils and cooking sauces that are stored under the sink. You get the picture.

Now that we have cleaned everything and emptied the drawers and cupboards the mice can get into, our dining room table is covered with everything we pulled out. We found the beginnings of a mouse nest under the cupboard. They had the nerve to use hair from our cats to build the nest. They had gone into our trash and pulled out that nice soft fur we had brushed out of PC. John searched all over for any holes under the cupboard where the mice might get inside. Any holes are filled with steel wool, which the mice can't chew through. We had done the same thing three years ago, but travel and time had left some space around the steel wool we used. He also found a hole we had missed before. The goal is to prevent them from getting into our living area. We also baited the mouse traps again.

Each of the last two mornings, John has found a dead mouse in one of our mouse traps. We will leave everything out till we have gone two nights without catching one. They I can put everything away.

These mice are not cute.

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