Thursday, February 15, 2007

RV Makeover

This year we have taken a step in a new direction with our 5th-wheel trailer. Since we bought it in July 2003, we’ve taken it on an extended trip through New Mexico and Texas, on a five-month trip through Canada to Alaska in 2004, and lived in it as we volunteered in Texas and Utah for 6 ½ months in 2005. In 2006, we spent nearly 6 months in the trailer, volunteering in Texas and traveling to the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Our home on the road is getting a little shoddy and bedraggled inside. But we’ve never seen another model we like better. So this year we decided it needed a little work.

In the years we have owned the RV, John has added shelves beside the front door and built them into cabinets, we made removable plexiglass panels for the front door, opening that view of the outside while keeping out the heat and cold. We cut swimming noodles to protect our heads from the slide corners and installed shelves in the basement. But now we wanted to do something even bigger—redecorate the living/dining room.

In January, we attended an RV show at the Colorado Convention Center and discovered RV Interiors by Donna, a local company that does RV makeovers. After discussion with the folks there, we arranged to get a new sofa, picked out new carpet and vinyl for the living/dining area, and bought new day/night shades. Obviously, many RVers would do the installation work themselves, but we aren’t interested. We’ll let others do the work and we will enjoy the results.

Monday we will take it to the shop to be redone. Then it’s on to Camping World for a new high-tech ceiling/exhaust fan for the kitchen before we begin our travels about March 1. It will be exciting to enjoy our newly decorated home on wheels.

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