Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The title could describe most of the territory in Utah, as well as northern Arizona. But I am talking about Canyonlands National Park. We visited the park during the summer of 2003, following our retirement in April of that year. We toured the Island in the Sky section of the park at that time. Here are two of the photos we took then.

This time, we are at the south end and hiked in the Needles section. The views are totally different. Instead of looking down, we were on the ground, looking up at the various rock formations. The 2.4- mile Slick Rock Trail was fun to hike and gave us great views. The first time we tried walking on slick rock, I was sure I would slide down as I tried to go up. I don't know why it is called slick when it isn't, but I have grown comfortable hiking in this terrain.

There are so many different colors of rock in the area, from yellow to red to pink to white.

In places, the canyon floor is covered with grass, providing a real contrast to the rock formations.

Here are even more of the rock formations we saw.

God has blessed Utah with so many beautiful, diverse geologic areas. We are so glad we have been able to spend time in the wonderful state this summer.


  1. I always wondered that too - Why do they call it slick rock when it isn't, except when there's sand on it. I like Needles better than Island in the sky. Beautiful pictures.

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  3. Beautiful Photos:

  4. Utah is one of our favorite States,great Parks,views and hikes