Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh, the People We Meet

We are in Blanding, Utah, in an RV park that is almost empty. We were told that spring and fall are their busy seasons, summer is too hot for many people to come to southern Utah. (It is hot, but not as hot as in southern Arizona, where we are headed. We have met several others who are hovering here, waiting for Arizona to cool down.) But we have met the most interesting people.

We were doing our morning walk last week when a woman said "Getting your exercise, are you?" We stopped to talk and learned she and her husband are from Australia and they are exploring the American west, sleeping in their rented car and cooking on a one-burner stove.

This morning I was doing the laundry when we met the woman in the motor home parked near us. She was born in the UK, then moved to Canada for most of her adult life. She and her husband, like us, are waiting for Arizona to get a little cooler.

Today, a car came in the campground and drove all around. Then they parked in a camp site and began taking pictures. Many of the photos were of each other. One man was closely examining the RV hookups and taking pictures. We could tell they were from Asia somewhere. One of the men walked over by our RV, gave John a thumbs up for the carving he was doing, and looked around. Finally, he took a picture or two of our trailer and of John. Then he called the other man in the group over to look at the carving. That man could speak pretty good English. Then the three women came over. First we asked them where they were from. Would you believe, China? We asked them if they wanted to see the inside of the trailer and they nodded yes enthusiastically.

I wasn't planning on five guests in the RV today. All the clean laundry was still piled on the unmade bed. But they loved seeing our RV and took lots of pictures of it and of each other and us. This is a picture of John with the group.

The man who spoke English asked for our email address so he could send us a copy of the photo he took of us. We gave him our card with our email and my blog address. One of the women gave us her card. She spoke a little English and is a banker in China.

After they left our trailer, they drove to another RV site here in the campground and ate their lunch in the shade of a tree.

Who would have ever guessed we would meet people from Australia, Canada/UK and China while parked in an out of the way town in Utah? What fun!

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  1. Beautiful header photo.

    I am also amazed at the folks I encounter on my travels. Even locals are memorable.