Sunday, March 08, 2015

Visit with Friends

We spend our winters in warm and sunny Arizona. Many of our friends from Colorado also like Arizona, but they only come for a short visit. Friday we enjoyed lunch and a good visit with friends Larry and Betty.

This is the second or third time we have seen them here in the winter warmth and sun. They have spent a week or more nearby this year, visiting lots of friends. We also try to get together with them when we are in Colorado during the summer.

John and Larry worked together on the Boulder Police Department even before our older son Doug was born, and that was 47 years ago. So we have lots of history with Larry and Betty. It is always good to see them and catch up on their lives. We'll see them again in June up north, we hope.

On another note, today as we drove back to the resort after church, it took almost 25 minutes to travel the last 3 miles. Not fun. The traffic on US 60 is very heavy in February and March because the Renaissance Festival is held a few miles east of here. To top it off, there was an accident in the west-bound lanes and there were so many looky-loos, we just crept at 1 to 5 mile per hours most of the last 3 miles.

Life is never dull in an RV resort. We were out walking after lunch and watched a motor home back into their site without getting out to see the layout. They created this geyser. Glad we have never done that. Hope we never do!


  1. Hi John&Carol
    We will be in the Denver/Loveland area from 24.June till 5 July.
    Send me your cell phone number and your location on these dates, so we can finally get together.

  2. The gysier made me chuckle