Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last night, we had a good surf and turf dinner in the Canyon Vistas ballroom, courtesy of the Sales Appreciation event for those of us who have purchased houses in Superstition Views. The table decorations were elegant. Notice the open bottles of red and white wine, as well.

We took our plates to the serving line to pick up the steak, shrimp, potatoes, green beans and mushrooms. From there on, the sales and resort staff members served us, refilling our wine glasses and getting more wine when we ran out, clearing the dishes and bringing the dessert. The food was delicious and we really felt appreciated.

We got acquainted with some of our neighbors: Cheryl and Jeff and Theresa and John.

If you are coming through the East Valley of Phoenix and are interested in checking out Superstition Views, let us know. We will give the sales staff your names. If you take a tour, we get some free rent. If you buy here, we get a year's free rent.  We really recommend this place. We have a very nice lot, with on-site full-hookups for our RV right next to our house, nice neighbors and a quiet location. Come check it out.

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  1. Y'all sound very happy with your new place...happy for you!!!