Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family Comes to Visit

Sunday, our son Eric, wife Liz and children Kylie and John came for a two-day visit. In the past, they have had to sleep on the floor of our RV, in their tent outside, or in a nearby hotel or resort. This time, they slept in our house and we moved to our RV for a few days. It all worked! This is one of the reasons we bought this house.

We had a busy couple of days. The pool was a favorite place to visit.

We played a little water volleyball. It isn't any easier than the game played on solid ground. I'm still not any good at it.

Kylie and John are both competitive swimmers and they showed us what they are able to do. Really impressive. Such great form and strong strokes.

The weather has been great and we spent a lot of time sitting outside in our "yard," eating and drinking and talking.

Eric did some wash in the resort laundry room.

And grandson John was the first person to try out our hide-a-bed. It gets good reviews from the grandchildren.

There was a lot more crammed into the two days they were here. More of the activity tomorrow.

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