Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Really Creative

Today is the date for the Quilters, Carvers & Creative Crafts Showcase at our resort. I fully intended to visit the show and that was reinforced when I saw this line, waiting to get in just minutes after the show began.

This resort we moved to in October is only half the size of the one we stayed in for the past 6 years and it doesn't have nearly the space for numerous workshops and crafts that we had before. But that doesn't mean the folks here aren't just as creative. I was really impressed with what I saw.

The biggest exhibit was the quilts and we were able to vote for our favorite as best in show. So many beautiful quilts to choose from!

Quilts can be works of art, but I grew up with quilts my grandmother made and she usually used scraps of cloth from the leftovers of dresses my mother and she sewed for me and themselves. That is why my vote for best of show was this quilt.

Hopefully you can read this sign that explains the quilt. I was very touched with this creation.

There were many other crafts on display, as well. Here is a very interesting gourd creation and some great turned bowls.

There were leaded glass and melted glass and decorated glass items.

Also pottery and china painting.

When I saw this work, I was sure it was done with a laser. However, it is done with a scroll saw and the piece of wood is at least 1/2 inch thick. Really impressive!

And talk about creative. I found these ducks, dining in some rain runoff covering a walking path here in the resort.

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