Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Family Activities

Swimming and eating weren't our only activities with our family. Both Kylie and John do workouts with their swim teams and one of Kylie's first questions was, "do you have a place here where I can work out?" We said yes and Monday morning all of us but Eric went there. He did a load of wash for his family.

John helped Kylie set up the chest press machine.

Here, John is helping grandson John use the leg curl machine.

Liz didn't need any help doing her workout.

John and I got a few of our regular exercises in, as well. We usually do weight training three times a week.

The day didn't end when we finished working out. In the afternoon, John and Eric and the grandkids went to the shooting range at Usury Mountain Regional Park to shoot their pistols. It was a new activity for Kylie and Eric, but they turned out to be excellent shots.

The first step was to don eye protection and ear protection.

Here, Eric is helping John shoot one of the guns.

The man shooting next to our family, had an AR-15, a semi-automatic weapon. He offered to let the two young people try it out. Here is Kylie and John shooting it.

It continued to be a busy time after they returned from the shooting range. Kylie, who is not quite 16, is now taller than I am.

Eric is taller than his dad.

We showed them around the resort, including the clip board room where residents learn about resort activities.

And the library here.

I wonder what our parents would think if they could see Kylie, Liz, Eric and me all looking at our iphones?

We had such a good time during their visit. We are glad we will spend time with them again when we go to Colorado in June.


  1. That was family time spent enjoying one another's company.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. It is so great to be around family. How I miss having a workout room. Good for y'all.