Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Creating New Storage

On the whole, our RV makes very efficient use of the available space with shelves and drawers wherever a small bit of space can be found. One spot there was wasted space was in the cabinet behind the dining room table. There were no shelves in that space, so I had to pile things one on top of another. We also bought a small metal shelving unit that gave me two shelves in one area. It wasn't very stable and wasn't as deep as the space, so things could fall off.

When we were at the factory last summer, they gave us brackets to hold adjustable shelves, as well as some shelving material. We bought a compact jig saw to use in cutting the shelves. Here is John inserting the blade and beginning to make the cuts.

Isn't that nice wood? Unfortunately, it seems I flunked measuring class and the resulting shelf was too small--in both directions! We were off to Home Depot for a piece of plywood.

We both measured this time and the resulting shelf fit.

The factory also gave us the wood to make a lip on the front of the shelf. John attached the lip to a small square dowel, then spread some glue and put it on the front of the shelf. The space under the table is really awkward to work in.

He added clamps to hold everything together till the glue dried.

Here is the finished shelf. It will really make that space more convenient to use. And, like I said in the last blog, it isn't a mistake unless you can't fix it.


  1. We did the same thing in one of our pantry cabinets that was too tall...added an extra shelf!!! Good job.

  2. You flunked measuring - too funny. The finished result looks great!