Monday, January 27, 2014

Talking Saguaros

Last week we hiked in Usury Mountain Regional Park, where I looked to see what the saguaro cacti were saying (or showing) us. These two lovebirds were holding hands.

Please call on me!

Turn left.

Look up.

"Praise the Lord" or "I give up"

Have you seen the Native American storyteller figure? That's what I saw here.

This cactus had to use a cane to stand up straight.

Most saguaros grow arms somewhere in the middle, like this.

This one was unusual.

When a saguaro dies, its skeleton remains. They are very interesting.

We saw this curved bill thrasher.

We were serenaded by the cactus wrens all during our hike. Here is one of them.


  1. Great pictures, I love the Saguaro and the Sonoran Desert. We are at Gilbert Ray Camp Ground surrounded by the Saguaros.

  2. Check out that thrasher, it may be the crissal. I don't have my western guide, but I remember that area has them.

    1. I'm always glad when you comment on my bird. I looked at my Sibleys and both the crissal and curved bill thrasher are in this area. The illustration shows a red eye on the curved bill and my photo looks like the bird has a red eye. Could I be right?