Monday, January 06, 2014

A Bump in the Road

Last summer when our 8-year-old grandson John was visiting us at Mueller State Park he came to a speed bump as we walked along the road. He has a really good sense of humor and he proceeded to "trip" on that speed bump and stumble before catching his balance.

Every day we have a goal of walking 10,000 steps--about five miles. It is good exercise, burns some calories and is a good weight-bearing exercise to keep our bones strong. Sometimes we do at least part of those 10,000 steps on the elliptical or treadmill in the exercise room. Sometimes we try to find attractive places to walk, like the Veterans Oasis Park. Often, part or all of that walking is done on the streets of our RV resort. That is what we did Sunday.

Since we walk here often, beyond looking to see what new RVs have arrived, there isn't much to pay attention to. We are often talking, or I might be looking at the decals on the front of RVs. What I should be doing is watching for those speed bumps. Sunday, I wasn't watching and tripped on a speed bump. Notice, there are no quotes around the word tripped. I tripped, stumbled and didn't catch my balance. John realized I had fallen when he heard a loud thump.

He said I am a really tough lady. I am grateful for those good readings on my bone density tests. I came away with only a small cut on the back of one hand and a blood blister on my thumb. Thanks goodness. Maybe it would be better to say, "Thank you Lord."


  1. I agree. Thank you, Lord. I sometimes think those bumps in the road help us to be more careful and therefore prevent an even bigger accident later on. Take care.

  2. Whew! Glad you didn't get hurt any worse. That would inhibit those 10000 (10000 !?!) steps.

  3. You were fortunate not to have gotten hurt worse. Funny how things like that happen so fast.