Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Prickly Day

No, I'm not talking about prickly people or prickly relationships. This is about prickly plants. Like these cholla cactus. Pretty to look at, dangerous to touch.

Here is another cholla. The chain fruit look smooth and soft. Trust me, don't touch them. You will be pulling spines from you hand for a long time. I know.

We went for a hike at San Tan Regional Park this morning. Watch where you step and be careful not to sit down right here. This hedgehog cactus will really make you uncomfortable.

This barrel cactus is reaching for the sun.

We saw lots of horse-back riders today. We come from Colorado, where lots of people own and ride horses. But we haven't seen nearly as many on the hiking trails we enjoy there as we do on the trails here in Arizona. Today we saw more than usual.

And the parking lot showed how they all got there.

But the most special sights of the day were the saguaros. We just love them. They develop into such interesting shapes.

The saguaro really tells us we are in Arizona.


  1. Dave has a sometimes irresistible urge to touch them, I think though the last time he tried he learned his lesson.

  2. Love the cactus photos. San Tan, yet another Phoenix area park we haven't visited.

  3. I see we are both checking out cacti