Friday, January 24, 2014

A Friday Outing

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of RVers are parked near Quartzite, AZ, or Q as they call it, for the annual January gathering in the desert. While there, a shopping trip to The Big Tent is a necessity. Well, let me tell you, those folks don't have anything on the snowbirds here in Mesa and Phoenix. Saturday we checked out the Mesa Swap Meet. It is called recreational shopping and provides a mile and a quarter of shopping aisles where 900 merchants stock 1600 booths.

We didn't see much RV-related merchandise, but there were lots of things on sale to decorated snowbird yards and RV lots.

There are larger items for sale, as well.

These fellows were entertaining during lunch. Lots of people were eating and listening.

John liked this man's hair hat

he had to try one on, too.

He checked out this straw cowboy hat, as well.

And look at this woman's hair. It is real, not a hat.

In our first year of marriage, we bought a set of waterless cookware. Other folks of our generation are still entertained by such products.

What an interesting name for a store.

All I can ask is, "why?"

Billiards, anyone?

The picture is a little blurry, but look at these frilly little-girl dresses.

A bag to keep your beer cold.

Some winter hats.

When we finally made it to the back 40 where we parked our looong dually truck, we found two other trucks the same size parked in the same area. This is where we always park since we bought this new truck.

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  1. Hey! Ron and I were there on Saturday too. I wonder why we didn't see you!