Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Tough Hike

Yesterday we went on what will most likely be the most difficult hike of the season. We hiked up to Fremont Saddle. The rugged trail climbs at least 1,300 ft in its approximate 2.25+ miles. Barbara and Ron joined us on the hike. Here we are, ready to go.

The lower part of the trail is surrounded by a large number of saguaro cacti.

There are lots and lots of rocks.

Also, beautiful rock formations.

We have hiked this trail three times before. If you are interested, you can see those posts here. The previous posts contain more information about the trail and the hike.

This is what we were looking for. It is worth the hike.

John made it to the saddle first. He took a picture of Barbara and me as we struggled up the last leg of the climb.

After we sat down for a lunch break, we braced ourselves for the hike down to the parking lot. I really think it is harder to hike downhill than uphill. Going up may use more energy, but going down is hard on my aging, arthritic knees. But is was a really good day. We are really glad we did it.

Ron turned around before we reached the top. But the remaining three of us made it.


  1. That's a pretty steep trail. You all did good! Wish we could have joined you.

  2. What a nice hike with beautiful scenery.

  3. Great hike,weather and company-thanks for sharing.

  4. beautiful pictures. I agree with you that going down is much harder than up. Our legs are not made for down hill hikes..

  5. We're pretty cute! (And tired)