Monday, March 19, 2012


At about 1 this afternoon, we loaded some things in the truck and started driving to San Antonio. Not what we planned when we woke up this morning. John took the truck to Ogden Chevrolet in McAllen for servicing. That was a fiasco. After being there two and a half hours, they had done nothing. Finally, he got a lube and oil change.

One big item on the list was an emissions test. Our Colorado license plates expire at the end of March. I sent in the renewal form and check, but they sent it back. We need an emissions test. The windshield sports a sticker that says the truck is exempt from those tests. Unfortunately, that is only true for the first four years. Now it needs the test. The good news was, we can get the test done in Texas. But today, the bad new was, it can only be done in one of the Texas counties that require emissions test. Hidalgo County, where we are staying, isn't one of those. As a matter of fact, Austin, Galveston or Houston are the closest places we can get the test--all over 300 miles away. And if we don't mail in the renewal form before the end of March, we can only renew the license plates in person. That would mean we would be driving with expired plates till some time in May.

So, here we are in San Antonio. We arrived about 5:30. We drove 300+ miles so we could be in the center of a severe thunderstorm warning area for the night. Tomorrow, we will drive to Austin for the test, then decide whether we want to be tourists there for another day, or drive back to the refuge.

Just one of those issues when we live on the road in our RV.


  1. What a pain! Luckily FL doesn't require any vehicle inspections.
    Hope you had a quiet evening. We lost a few hours sleep listening to the weather radio and the hail on the roof. It must have been small as Jim checked for damage this morning and all is well. Not the kind of excitement we want to experience very often.

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