Thursday, March 08, 2012

Almost Like Axe Man

Do you remember the Discovery Channel reality program called Axe Man? It was about loggers working in Oregon. Lots of machinery cutting down and loading large trees. It looked a little like that today when we went on our early morning safety run around the refuge. Usually, we are the first vehicle out there. Today we followed a large tractor with a scoop on the front and a backhoe on the back.

Yesterday the wind blew all day. Last night it really blew. We could feel the trailer rocking and when John checked the weather he learned there had been gusts of 40 and 50 miles per hour. Most of today, the wind blew like it did during the day yesterday. That all means lots of trees blew down on the refuge. That is why we were following the tractor.

It was impressive to watch it work.

We could hear the trees crunching. And it was good to see the road open up. This was just the first blockage.

We checked out some side trails and put out bird food at the photo blind. They we caught up to the tractor and its operator at the back part of the refuge. Just look at how it handled this large tree.

We were really glad we didn't have to depend on a fireman or two with chain saws. We wouldn't have been able to take the tram out until at least noon, if that had been the case.

I love this sign. Do you think it is good advice?

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  1. glad you got the trail all cleaned up with the tractor! that job was really beyond our pay grade. we only have a hand saw! we suspect we will find a lot of trees down on the walking trails today!