Friday, March 02, 2012

Where else would we see this?

As I write this blog post at 12:15 pm Friday, it is 60 degrees in Mesa, AZ, and 29 degrees in Littleton, CO. According to the weather gadget on my desktop, the temp here in Alamo, TX, is 81. I know the poppies are blooming in Arizona. Here we have a number of flowering trees and everything is greening up even more than when we arrived six weeks ago.

The Mexican Olive was blooming when we arrived and is still going at it.

This is a Huisache tree bloom that I included in a blog a week or two ago.

Last week the Mescal Bean tree began blooming.

Now we are seeing the Guajillo tree flower.

And the Wright's Catclaw.

As we drive through the refuge each day, the landscape changes. What a treat!

The Lantana isn't a tree and it may bloom year-round, attracting butterflies. It sure is colorful.

We sure are blessed to be here.


  1. Thanks for the botany lesson. Now we know what some of those beautiful flowers are!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. Sure brightens our day...we've had more rain, and snow and grey skies, and cold. Sure glad to know the sun is shining there!!