Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bentsen Birding and Somebody's Big Oops

Today we visited the World Birding Center at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park near here. We didn't see too many birds, but one was really special--the Green Jay.

This is a special bird seen in the US only here in the Rio Grande Valley. Its range goes south into Mexico, Central and South America. I have seen these colorful birds a few times, but today was the first time I got a good picture. (After all, if I don't have a photo, I haven't been there or seen something.)

We also saw this great flowering yucca. The trees in the background with white flowers are Mexican Olives.

Carolyn, another blogger here at Santa Ana, had posted about ant lions. Today we saw their clever traps. Go here to read more about them.

Just in case you think you had a bad day, take a look at what happened to this bus driver. Hopefully, your day was better than his.


  1. The green jays are beautiful birds. As many times as we've walked or biked through Bentsen SP we haven't tired of looking at them.

  2. The jay is spectacular. You are just reminding me that I need to visit the west and southwest of our continent and learn more about the flora and fauna.