Sunday, March 04, 2012

Time Outdoors

It is a beautiful day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Sunny, not too hot and not too cool. No mud. So after church we decided to walk one of the trails at the Santa Ana Refuge we hadn't been on yet--Pintail Lakes. These lakes are off the beaten path and so it was quiet. There were only a few other bird watchers there. We saw lots of long-legged water birds. This is a Greater Yellowlegs.

We spotted a White-faced Ibis and some ducks and Black-necked Stilts. Then we discovered a different overlook on the Rio Grande than we usually see.

On our way back to the truck, we climbed to the canopy walk where others have seen an Eastern Screech Owl. We have tried several times before and it was hiding, but today we were successful. Isn't this small owl well camouflaged? You can only see its ears and the top part of its head.

John is always taking pictures of me taking pictures. Here I am focused on the owl. In the background you can see the higher fire or hawk tower, as well as the tree canopy.

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