Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Come Ride With Us

 Yesterday we drove from Moab to Torrey, Utah.  We had been exploring the area around Arches National Park and now we are in the Capitol Reef National Park area.  More and different rock formations.  Utah is amazing.

As we left Moag, we were surrounded by cliffs of red and pink stone.

Then, suddenly, there was this outcrop of pinkish white rock.

I would name the white formation below Table Mountain.  We passed signs with name for a number of the formations.  But I was busy looking at the scenery and taking photos and didn't keep track of what they are called.

Maybe this is a guard tower.

I thought this looked like a house on top of the mountain with a large overhanging roof to shade the people inside.

This is just a jumble of rocks.  It probably doesn't have a name.  I sure wouldn't want to hike up to the top.

I think this was called Ghost Mountain.  

And suddenly, we were surrounded by a forest of pinon pine and juniper trees.

We saw several signs warning we were in  open range and we frequently crossed cattle guards.  But this was the only cow we saw on the road.

I hope you enjoyed the scenery driving south from Moab to Torrey.  We plan lots of hiking in the next couple of weeks so I will be showing a lot more of the wonderful Utah scenery.

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