Monday, August 10, 2020

Family on the Western Slope

We have a niece and nephew living on Colorado's Western Slope.  Visiting them has been an important part of the time we are spending here.

One day we visited Becky and Thad in Grand Junction.  Becky has lots of chickens.

In addition to raising chickens, she has a huge vegetable garden.  There are several varieties of squash.  I think this is butternut.

This is a patty pan squash.  I have seen them when watching Food Network shows, but we had never eaten them.

So Becky picked a couple for us.  Boy, are they every good!

Just look at all the tomato plants in front of where Becky is standing.  There are also pea and bean plants. 

We moved on to Montrose where we visited our nephew Blake and Julie.  They, too, have chickens.

They also grow flowers and vegetables.  


I know this is a zinnia.  I can't name the two flowers above.

These are very hot peppers, we were told.

I think this is a tomatillo plant, but I'm not sure.

We managed a selfie of the four of us.

Look at the beautiful reflections on Blake and Julie's pond.

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