Friday, August 14, 2020

More Hiking

Colorado is an absolutely beautiful state. Much of that beauty is found within the numerous National Monuments and National Parks in our state. Yesterday, we drove 17 miles out of Montrose to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  Here you can see why it is called the Black Canyon.  Not only is the canyon carved out by the Gunnison River deep--meaning not much light reaches the lower part of the canyon.  In addition, much of the rock that the river cut through is a dark color.

Look at how narrow the canyon is.  Part of the canyon is 2,250 feet deep and it ranges from only 40 feet up to 1,100 feet wide.

This picturesque tree is on the canyon rim.

These steep canyon walls are quite popular with experienced rock climbers!  We hiked on the Rim Trail and Upland Trail, but I would never--now or in the past--have considered rock climbing.

The river continues to erode the rock walls, sometimes separating the rocks into narrow  outcrops.  We could look into the canyon for several overlooks.

A selfie of us with the canyon in the background.  I took off my hat.  Isn’t my white hat hair great?



  1. Beautiful Scenery and it seems there weren't too many others there to get into your pictures.
    Nice Selfie. It shows you were there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your hikes.

    It's about time.

    1. It is beautiful there—and lots of other places in this wonderful state. Not many people are into hiking, really.

  2. Beautiful Colorado!! I have some of the same pictures from our visit in '04.

    1. It is worth coming back again. We have been to the Black Canyon several times.