Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden near Salem is an 80-acre botanical garden featuring plants of the Willamette Valley in central Oregon.  Not only do they have 4 miles of trails through the garden, we saw many beautiful plants, flowers and trees.

I had never seen conifer trees with healthy yellow needles on the ends of the branches.

I know that some of these plants are called hen and chickens but I don't know what all of them are named.

One area featured artistic pruning of the trees.  Look at this branch.


The wetland area included flowering lily pads.

These flowers are very fragrant.  I wish I could remember what they are.  I don't have our tree book with us. It doesn't do me any good here when I leave it in Arizona.

These are delicate and pretty.

I like this mass planting of marigolds.

We saw some really interesting sunflower-shaped flowers.

The roses are spectacular in the garden.

Very attractive ground cover.

This was interesting moss.

We saw several nice water falls.

These bell-shaped flowers grow all over Oregon.  Anyone know their name?  The inside of the pink flowers are spotted.

We even saw Tinker Bell in the children's garden.

In Arizona, poppies only bloom in yellow.

We spotted the lock ness monster in one of the wetland pools.

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