Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Diamond Lake (But Not Crater Lake)

From Crooked River, we were on to Diamond Lake.  This area really feels like the forests around Colorado, especially like in Mueller State Park where we volunteered in 2013.  

We are in the Diamond Lake Resort RV Park which feels like a U S Forest Service campground except we have full hookups.  Pretty nice when the overnight lows are in the high 30s and low 40s.

Diamond Lake is large and popular.  But it is early in the summer season and there aren’t many people here, yet. 

 In fact, we are just about 20 miles north of Crater Lake;  But it seems you can’t get there from here, at least not without driving around 40+ miles to come in from the east side.  We discovered that the north entrance road is closed to all except skiers and snowmobiles.  If only there was still snow still on the ground.  We are glad we saw Crater Lake years ago.  It is beautiful.  We weren’t interested in over 80 miles of driving to see it this time. Here is a link to my post on our 2008 visit to that lake. Crater Lake

Instead, we took a good hike down along the lake shore and to a small lake, Teal Lake.

The internet signal was weak in the campground unless we were close to the lake.  What to do?  Find a picnic table next to the shore and surf the web.

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  1. Glad you are still Safely Enjoying the Diamond Lake area.

    It's about time.