Friday, July 27, 2018

Be Flexible

Thursday we decided to visit Westminster Abbey, then shop at Harrods—a really upscale department store.  We took the tube to the Westminster Station.  We hoped to visit the Abbey and maybe attend the mid-day Holy Eucharist.  The line just to get a ticket to tour the historic church was so long we decided to skip that.  And the Eucharist was an hour-long wait.  Changing plans, we went to look at the Parliament building and Big Ben.  The building was surrounded by scaffolding.  We could see one face of the iconic clock and that was it.

This is the Harrods exterior.

Harrods window display.

Harrods food court.

More good displays.

Westminster Abbey.

So, we headed to the tube to go to the Knightsbridge station near Harrods.  Even the window displays at Harrods are beautiful.  John wants to buy a rain coat but we quickly decided we were in the wrong place to do that.  They cost 450 pounds and more.  Really nice coats but after we leave England John won’t have much use for a rain coat in Colorado or Arizona.

We walked by other exclusive shops, the returned to our hotel and had burgers from the Savannah Bar in the hotel.  We had seen beautiful buildings and many interesting people.  It was a good day, but it was very necessary to be flexible about what we did and how we enjoyed it.

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