Sunday, September 11, 2016

Steam's Rising

There is so much variety in Yellowstone National Park, it is difficult to decide how to share the experience. Probably the most iconic image of Yellowstone is the Old Faithful Geyser. We had a great view as it erupted. That is the Old Faithful Lodge in the background.

While we waited for that eruption, we saw another geyser blowing steam. Someone told us it was the Beehive Geyser but I couldn't find any name on the map.

We had seen a long line of people walking out into that area and we decided to follow them. From the first steam rising from the geyser to when it began tapering off was 10 minutes. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see part of the large crowd.  As we left the area after these two eruptions, we saw another geyser, Great Geyser, erupt as well.

As we were driving into the park, we had indications of what we would be seeing. Because it was cold that day and the next, the steam or water vapor was more visible than it would be on a warm day.

Not all steam came from geysers. Here is the Dragon's Cauldron and Dragon's Mouth Spring.

There were other things to see, as well. I'll save them for another post or two.

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