Monday, September 12, 2016

More Yellowstone

There are so many and varied thermal features in Yellowstone we got tired while looking at all of them but not bored. Here are a few that didn't erupt.

Yellowstone also has lots of wildlife--some easier to spot than others.

We saw elk a couple of times. These were near Yellowstone Lake.

Buffalo are more plentiful and often cause buffalo jams, either by slowly crossing the road or causing motorists to stop on the road for a better look.  Notice the calves in these two photos.

There are also wolves in Yellowstone, or so these people told us. Whenever you see people looking out from the road, especially if they have spotting scopes, you have to stop and see what they are looking at. They told us there was a pack of wolves in the valley below. We could hardly make out the black dots, much less tell what they were. We did believe them, however.

Thankfully, not every visitor to the park drives their own vehicle. The roads were crowded as it was. These neat old buses and tour buses take many visitors from place to place.

The Great Northern Railroad built at least one of the beautiful lodges in Yellowstone. This is the interior of the Old Faithful Lodge. If we didn't have an RV, it would be neat to stay there.


  1. I loved the lodge with all that wood, using trees as banisters, etc. We had breakfast there and enjoyed taking it all in.