Friday, September 09, 2016

Driving to Yellowstone

We spent three days in the RV park at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort outside of Butte.

The resort was pretty nice. There was this mountain goat on the wall in the lobby.

And a beautiful indoor pool as well as an outdoor one. We didn't bring our swim suits so we didn't check it out. They also had a golf course.

The RV park was OK. It seems many locals come here regularly and meet friends and family. We saw several groups sharing meals. There was even a small rally of Beaver motor homes.

The weather turned very cold our last day there, the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It was cold and rainy. This was our view as we headed out Labor Day for Yellowstone National Park.

When it wasn't raining, there were some dramatic views of the clouds.

But look at this temperature! Doesn't the weather know it is only September 5? It should be warm, if not hot.

We have been to Yellowstone twice before but we don't get tired of the scenery there. More about that in future posts.

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