Thursday, September 01, 2016


I'm not talking about cattle grazing in a field. As applied to humans, I think it means eating small amounts over an extended period. Maybe grazing appetizers at a party or grazing in the refrigerator every time you go through the kitchen. In this case, however, I am talking about grazing all the sample stations in a Costco Warehouse.

If you belong to this membership store, you know they offer samples throughout the food section, especially Thursday through Saturday. During our stay in Helena we went grocery shopping on Saturday. Our first stop was at Costco. We really like their meat selection. As we wandered the store, looking for anything else we might pick up first, we sampled everything they offered except a power protein drink. We felt like we had attended a great cocktail party before dinner--without the cocktails, of course.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the flank steak we were looking for, so we left without purchasing anything and headed to a grocery store that didn't sell everything in such large quantities.

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